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The long and continuing saga of me learning not to eat like a hillbilly*

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I just read this Salon article on farmers seeking to bring truffles — the elusive, highly-coveted and correspondingly expensive wing of the fungi family — to America, physically and culturally.

A sliver of truffle can transform a simple serving of pasta into something mysterious and carnal — a meal for which, as chefs know, you might be willing to empty your wallet. As one woman told me, “If I had a piece of truffle in my mouth, I’d probably say yes to anything.” Or as the Roman scholar Pliny put it nearly 2,000 years ago, “Better to suffer a wheat famine than a shortage of truffles.” Such exuberance accounts for the odd fact that the mushroom in Michaels’ hand — at $800 a pound — was worth more than the watch on his wrist.

I tried something truffle-flavored for the first time this weekend. It was definitively one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted.

I actually bought a processed cheese-ball from Giant last week, however, and ate it on triscuits. I probably can’t be trusted.

* Part one of many.


Written by Elizabeth

February 19, 2008 at 9:22 pm

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  1. […] Could we start using truffles instead? I detest truffles. Plus, they cost a lot of money, so it would actually kind of make fucking sense. « Sarah […]

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