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Home in Box Had Its Problems; Alternative Does, Too
He is well known among other homeless men in the neighborhood for his plywood home, which is frequently visited, even coveted. Mr. Foley built it with a homeless friend whom he calls by a nickname, Fish. They found the plywood and nailed it together and caulked the cracks. “Fish wants to patent it,” Mr. Foley said.
Finally, there was the simple, quiet shame of the thing.

“It carries a stigma,” he said. “ ‘Oh, you sleep in a box, John?’ ”
He said he sometimes misses the simplicity of the box, where he still keeps some belongings and visits most days. But passing by last week, he discovered that he had accidentally left the key, and someone had opened the box and rooted around inside. “That makes it final,” Mr. Foley said, angry at himself. “The box is going.” He said at least three other men want it. He made an offer: For $20, it’s yours. Just roll it away.

We should really start playing a game called “NYT or The Onion? “


Written by Elizabeth

February 21, 2008 at 2:30 pm

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