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I don’t know why I even open the Style section of newspapers …

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… as they really never fail to find some way to annoy me. Not the style content itself — of which there is generally very little — but the cultural commentary, if you will. Washington Post’s Style section seems to have a new editorial mission of publishing one female-written screed on how retarded women are per week. This week’s, “In One Man’s Fall, Bruises for All,” by Monica Hesse, is about how terrible the Eliot Spitzer situation is for all relationshipped men across the country, because while men, of course, can be rational and logical about these things (“well, I’m sure he had his reasons for doing it,” or, at the least, “this doesn’t really pertain to me”), us women-folk in all our hyper-emotional dimwittedness can’t possibly separate Spitzer’s wife’s plight from our own. And thus — alas! — the poor men in our lives must be subjected, with each new political infidelity scandal, to our silly and irrational accusations and insecurities.

There’s so much we don’t understand in these conversations. Women don’t understand why men do this, and why their own men have no satisfactory information. Men don’t understand why they are expected to know, and how the whole exchange can go so rapidly down the toilet.

All of this relationship-projecting might boil down to women’s tendency to empathize, to look at Silda Wall Spitzer and know exactly how it would feel to stand on that podium, behind your philandering husband. And men, well, men compartmentalize. Men look at Spitzer and think, “Sorry, chump.” But know why he did this? Why would I know why he did this? Psychological disturbance, maybe? Changing cultural norms? If we look at it logically . . .

Gaghh. Silly women impeding on men’s logical nature all the time. Thank god we have the Washington Post to remind us how dumb we really are. Now if only they could have worked evolutionary psychology into this article in some way …


Written by Elizabeth

March 15, 2008 at 7:41 pm

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  1. I’m currently reading a book about vice and just finished the chapter on strippers and prostitutes. Very interesting ideas and the relationship between the man and the woman and the compulsion for either in what they do.

    Washington Cube

    April 8, 2008 at 5:03 pm

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