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Gmail crashing generates more tweets than Edwards scandal or Russia attacking Georgia

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Sure-fire way to induce mass-hysteria in nation’s 20-something writer types: Gmail and twitter down at the same time!

justin2me Oh crap. Gmail is down. EVERYBODY PANIC! We’ll commence the raping, pillaging, et al in the Short North, yes?

KLSoltis Just typed a long email to my sister giving her my advice on sorority rush…and I think GMail may have just eaten it whole.

_JPF_ @KLSoltis Today, I am proud to be a Googolian.

Gmail appears to be down – anyone else?

enbrown @psuderman yep.

enbrown oh god, first six twitters on my screen about gmail being down.

psuderman NO GMAIL? CHAOS!

justin2me @enbrown It’s a sad day when people go to Twitter to say gmail is down.

Ok, I’m seriously panicking. What happens when I see a funny thing and want to send it to someone ? WHAT DO I DO?


_JPF_ @psuderman Read a book? hahahahha, just kidding. Let’s turn on the TV.

psuderman @_JPF_ @Michael B Dougherty Facebook seems to be up, still. No TV in the office. Seeking out a bunker. Thank god I have 3 ginger ales left

KLSoltis @psuderman How on earth can I properly coach my sister through the sadistic ritual of sorority recruitment without GMail!! AUGGGH!

psuderman Reports coming in. Seems to affect east coast, midwest, at least. This is some serious Cloverfield shit. I’M NOT LAUGHING, JJ ABRAMS!

KLSoltis I’d love to know what Temporary Error 502 is.

jdickerson Gmail says “your account is experiencing errors” as if it’s not a systemwide crash. it’s raining=Your head is experiencing moisture.

KLSoltis We’re back!

daveweigel Gmail bitches: STFU. Try running around OHare as auto checkin machines malfunction. about

AdrienneRoyer omg. gmail is down? how would I have ever known? it’s not like anyone’s talking about it. /sarcasm.

Out of Wild Turkey, deprived of Gmail. Impossible to write on HST under such conditions.

enbrown Omg, is the whole damn internet broken?

raee gmail still down.

AdrienneRoyer gmail crashing generates more tweets than Edwards scandal or Russia attacking Georgia


Written by Elizabeth

August 12, 2008 at 2:31 am

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  1. it was kind of like the day the music died.


    August 20, 2008 at 8:14 pm

  2. hi there. we met at a comedy bar and it was less awkward than it shouldve been since we went to OU. i enjoy what ive read here. i am sometimes a libertarian, depending on whether i feel like reading the daily cato newsletters, or whether i’m contacting someone i only met once and am trying to find common ground.

    http://www.eligood.blogspot.com is also a good blog. bye there.


    August 27, 2008 at 3:52 pm

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