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The Great LadyBlog Pornography Debate

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So over at LadyBlog,* an ongoing discussion about pornography has sprung up (oh god, no pun intended). Cheryl Miller started it, innocently enough, by pointing to Ross Douhat’s article in The Atlantic on whether watching pornography should be considered adultery and asking what people thought. A flurry of blog posts were spawned. And apparently this debate has been slowly eating people’s brains throughout the summer. I weigh in here. Join the fun.

* Oh yeah. LadyBlog. I haven’t really mentioned that here yet. Short version: it’s an all-female group blog on the new Culture11 site, and I’m posting there twice a week, along with eight bazillion other women. There is a longer version of this explanation, one that I think I’m going to reserve for a separate post.


Written by Elizabeth

September 18, 2008 at 5:53 pm

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