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‘Young professionals in D.C. rarely cross the red/blue divide when making social plans.’

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Photo via IntangibleArtsThis morning my friend emailed me a silly Internet meme about the differences in neighborhood, nightlife and transportation preferences for DC’s “hippie or hipster left” and “preppy right.” Vaguely amusing, vaguely cringe-worthy. But later, via a link from DCist, I found myself reading an article by Ben Adler on Campus Progress about this very same ‘Two DCs’ conundrum. Bizarre, I thought, that this article sounds so much like the email forward, and that this is suddenly an issue of grave interest. And then—lo and behold!, at the bottom of the page—the email meme is part of the Campus Progress article.

Anyway, I think my various libertarian/conservative acquaintances in this city will be surprised to learn that, according to Campus Progress, hanging out at the Black Cat, Wonderland, Townhouse or The Raven; living in Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, or U Street; reading DCist or the New York Review of Books; or eating at Red Rocks Pizza (home of the Bottomless $9 Mimosa!!!) makes you a leftie. And possibly a hippie to boot. Sorry dudes.


Written by Elizabeth

October 2, 2008 at 3:40 pm

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