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New Goal in Life: Become ‘Great, Insane Lady’

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Early gossip-girl Liz Smith in NYMag:

“There are no Great Big People anymore,” says Smith. “Big business produced all the stars of the eighties and nineties, the two greed decades, when people like Donald became famous. And that Disney guy, Michael Eisner, and Michael Ovitz, to some extent. But there’s very little glamour. So maybe Jackie was one of the last. All of those kind of great insane ladies disappeared.”

And—oh!—there are so many fun quotes in this article I can’t resist another:

“The worst thing that ever happened was Bonnie Fuller telling us that stars are just like us,” says Smith. “Because if there was ever anything that we didn’t want, it was for our stars to be just like us. We are all fucked up and we never realized our potential for looks or happiness or … anything.” She longs for the days before we knew too much. “I really miss it, because, honey, there is nothing to write about! There’s a mania now for examining people’s potential to become pregnant. We have to read about when they become pregnant, when they begin to show, when the baby is born, and then they sell the pictures. I am so bored with that.”


Written by Elizabeth

October 13, 2008 at 10:05 pm

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