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In Honor of Father’s Day

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An awesome post on fathers & feminism from Tracy Clark-Flory:

I’ve been thinking this week about my own dad, and what I can write in his Father’s Day card that expresses that same old feeling in a way that feels new. I keep coming back to this: “You helped me feel that I was a perfectly OK person — but, mind you, not a perfect little princess.” That’s because he took me windsurfing, skateboarding, skiing, rockclimbing and rollerblading. We caught frogs and kissed banana slugs (and never with the idea that one would turn into a prince). He didn’t try to turn me into a tomboy or a substitute son, he simply celebrated me as a kid.

Some insight gleaned from my own dad, from when I was a senior in college and having a bit of an existential crisis:

Sometimes people are all about ‘If you don’t chase your dreams, then you haven’t really lived.’ But I don’t know, I think … being alive is enough, in whatever way.

Wise words.


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June 21, 2009 at 9:41 pm

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