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Farm Market Discovery: French Sorrel

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Via tiny banquet committee

Via tiny banquet committee

… that thanks to the good folks at the (newly reopened!) Eastern Market, I have, today, been introduced to a green called French Sorrel, and it is delicious. It has some of the kick of arugula, but also a very strong lemon-y flavor. Via Sustainable Eats:

French sorrel is a domesticated version of a weed – meaning it has a full nutritional profile.  It’s high in vitamin C, A and iron … order your seeds now from http://www.TerritorialSeed.com and start a patch of your own.

And, from a 1931 book (reprinted on Botanical.com):

In this country, the leaves are now rarely eaten, unless by children and rustics, to allay thirst, though in Ireland they are still largely consumed by the peasantry with fish and milk.


Written by Elizabeth

June 27, 2009 at 2:26 pm

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