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Things of Interest from This Past Week*

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• “Oh Wisconsin, how you always manage to bring us love in the form of indie lullabies…”: Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon’s got a side project with Collections of Colonies of Bees called Volcano Choir, and they’re releasing a full length album in September!

Taiwan legalizes prostitution.

A meditation on the lack of female playwrights. (“Whatever the case, the solution seems obvious. More women should write plays, and more of them.” —Resolved!)

• Tim Carney on agribusiness concessions in the climate change bill:

Waxman and Pelosi have agreed to make it easier for farmers to earn “offsets,” which could then be sold to emitters of greenhouse gases, such as factories. Now, instead of the EPA determining what activities warrant offsets, and how much, the bill gives that authority to the Agriculture Department, where farmers and agri-business have much more clout. This is a win not only for farmers, but also for Monsanto, the bio-tech giant specializing in genetically modified seeds and herbicides.

People have strong feelings about creation of bike-only roads (chicken/egg problem: Max Fisher seems to think more people would bike if only biking were safer, bike-only spaces more available; I think we need more bikers before these sorts of improvements would become possible, useful or economically justified).  _____________________________________________


* Same promise Conor makes: 100%, guaranteed zeitgeist free

** Things I find of interest not generally considered interesting by majority of population. Including my boyfriend, who hates my google reader shared item feed, I learned this week. The perils of modern romance! …


Written by Elizabeth

June 27, 2009 at 3:30 pm

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