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Media Zeitgeist: Farm Love (or, is farming the new twitter?)

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Are we reaching a media zeitgeist on interest in farming/gardening/ag policy? (Oh, no! Do I only get interested in things once they reach zeitgeist proportions? I like to think of myself as at least a Late-Early-Adopter of all cultural trends …).

The MSM is teeming, teeming!, with farm/garden related trend pieces. Urban rooftop gardening! Chicken farming in suburbia! Real estate developments built around organic farms! Women farmers! “New-age agrarians” flock to farm internships!

Even the (not-particularly-zeitgeist-y) AARP Bulletin Today has gotten in on the action.

I had previously never seen an advertisement seeking agricultural reporters on journalismjobs.com; last week I saw two in a row.

What exactly causes these things? What has caused this one in particular? Some cryptic combinaiton of the recession (both in its economic affects, and it’s attendant subconcious push toward localism), the frequent food contamination outbreaks, the release of Food Inc., the rise of food politics author/gurus, and the summer time? Does it start with the New York Times and then everyone just follows suit? Is it just something to fill space now that twittervangelism has died down? Is there a secret farmer cabal behind the whole thing? What is going on?


Written by Elizabeth

July 7, 2009 at 12:22 pm

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  1. It’s your focus. Like when KH thought the city was overrun with models wearing rainbows while eating bacon. It was because she forecast bacon flavor & rainbow fabrics taking over.
    A distant cousin of tinyvision, is all, nothing bigger.

    jables mckibbs

    July 7, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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