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Talking Hula-Hoop Smack

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I am So Doing This when I get to New York:

For all of you who have been intrigued but too lazy to try pilates, Jen Bleier has a word for you: Hoopilates.

Part pilates, part hula hooping, she married the two as a way “to get friends who aren’t avid exercisers to come out and play.”

I hope hula-hooping as exercise, dance party accoutrement or generally acceptable adult leisure activity catches on, because I rock at it. I challenge you (and by “you,” I mean ANYONE IN THE WORLD) to a hula-hoop longevity contest. Seriously. That’s how good I am.


Written by Elizabeth

August 7, 2009 at 10:48 am

Posted in Asides, Self-Promotion

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