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No Ad-Sales-Slump in DC

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According to Atlantic Media’s internal research in 2009, the Beltway print-ad market (as defined by Politico, Roll Call, the National Journal, The Hill and Congressional Quarterly) was up 28 percent over the past year despite the recession.

That’s from an all-around interesting profile of Atlantic Media exec Justin Smith and his play to make National Journal competitive with Politico. National Journal has always been a kind of weird property, hasn’t it? At least as long as I’ve been aware of it (which is an admittedly short 4 or so years) it’s been largely pay-walled-off content. Dull pay-walled-off content. So it will be interesting to see what Smith & Atlantic Media come up with …

But that’s also interesting about the Beltway ad market, isn’t it? Niche is king, I guess. Ugh, what a terrible phrase. How do we make that sound better? Because I really think there’s a “medium is the message” truth for the digital/collapse-of-publishing era in that … Gourmet may be going out of business, but look how well the hyper-localized Edible franchise is thriving.


Written by Elizabeth

May 5, 2010 at 8:38 am

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