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As much as any neo-Marxist economic geographer can be, that is

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Oooh! I think I just found the messiah/villain figure for the urban-theory-heavy dystopian society novella I’m writing (yeah, I realize how many things are terrible about that last sentence): a professor and urban theorist named David Harvey:

Harvey is having a bit of a moment in America, as much as any neo-Marxist economic geographer can. Earlier this month, his lucid explanation of the “econopocalyspe” (accompanied by animated whiteboard doodles) was a modest hit on Boing Boing. Richard Florida borrowed his concept of the “spatial fix”–the idea that capitalism gets bigger and badder every time it’s wriggles out of a crisis–for his latest book, The Great Reset. And Harvey’s own book-length explanation of the crisis, The Enigma of Capital is set to be published on these shores in September.
On Tuesday night in Manhattan, Harvey discussed “experimental geography” and the role cities and suburbia played in the crisis. Starting from the idea of a “geographic unconscious”–“the way we think of space and time as ‘natural’ when they’re really constructed,”–Harvey blamed suburbia for brainwashing Americans into being good capitalists.

Written by Elizabeth

July 22, 2010 at 7:08 pm

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