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‘I despise you ’cause you’re filthy / But I love ya ’cause you’re home”

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So well played, Mad Men, so well played (turns out with an iTunes season pass, you can’t watch ’til the next day, so I finished the premiere just moments ago) … I had to pause the recording for momentary glee (smiling, clapping, the whole nine yards) when Don Draper began telling the Wall Street Journal reporter about the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce backstory. What a perfect, beautifully-subtle nod to the shift from a 1950s media and relational culture (coded language, just the facts, ‘my work speaks for itself’) to the coming of the new journalism, the rise of confessional culture, the celebrity profile, Rolling Stone, all of that. And the use of that sort of Brit-rock-on-the-verge-of-psychedelia song (turns out it’s “Tobacco Road,” as covered by a band called The Nashville Teens) just as Don does this—all right, I’m fawning, okay, I’m fawning hardcore. Betty’s costume choices were perfect—so matronly, so political-wifey—and such a contrast to the young bride Barbie cocktail florals of earlier seasons. Peggy’s haircut, Don enjoying being slapped around by a hooker, that bikini ad (my god, that would never have flown in 1961!), that girl who works in the mute-Opera-chorus and looks like a second-rate Betty …I loved it all.

Anyway … “Here comes that British group with the American name … The Nashville Teens!”


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July 26, 2010 at 3:38 pm

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