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This week in music was made for me (or: a post rife with Rilo Kiley minutiae)

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Album art for Peter & the Wolf's new albumSeriously. Not only did I just find out that one of my favorite bands of the past 20 years, Peter & the Wolf, put out a new album, Traffique’s Endless Weekend Mixtape, in July, but NPR is sneak-previewing an album out August 31 from Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis and her boyfriend, singer/songwriter Johnathan Rice. It’s called I’m Having Fun Now, and it is … fun.

And Lewis sounds like she’s having fun—not just the wry kind of ‘look at me now’ fun that comes from wearing impossibly short gold-sequined dresses and outshining your ex-boyfriend (Rilo Kiley guitarist Blake Sennett), like circa Under the Blacklight, but real, genuine fun. And guess what? Me, too, Jenny! Good for us. Perhaps we all become better sons or daughters after all ….


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