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More Mad Men wonkery

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Amanda M. on the latest episode of Mad Men:

The very thing that rescued the Midge interlude from being a “Forrest Gump” moment was that it not only genuinely rattled both Don and the audience, but it ended up having meaning.  As Heather at Salon noted, Don saw something in Midge’s situation that he also saw in himself, or at least in SCDP.  Midge didn’t care how much money that Don gave her, as long as it got her to the next fix and perhaps kept her from having to sell her body to strangers for a few days or so.  And so SCDP was willing to be with this new cigarette brand, which I’m assuming is Virginia Slims.  He saw desperation, and how deeply ugly it is.  And so he started to hand off those attachments that kept him desperate.

Somehow this whole analogy didn’t occur to me when I watched the show yesterday, but I think she’s spot on.

Not having watched the show’s first season, I have no particular attachments to Midge, but that scene in her apartment was creepy nonetheless. Though I really liked her outfit. And the fact that she described heroin as “like drinking 100 bottles of whiskey while having your tits licked.”  Do you think if I went as Midge for Halloween, anyone would know who I was (it’s between that and a disco bumble bee right now). And what am I supposed to watch after the Mad Men finale next week? Don’t you dare tell me Dexter

[P.S. That whole Land of Lakes girl business? I had that exact same conversation with friends when I was about Sally’s age, though we called it “The Slushie Dog theory.”]


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