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New Gig // Blisstree

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I’ve been guest-blogging at Blisstree this week!

Blisstree is the part of the portfolio of B5 Media sites—Crushable, The Gloss, and the newly-launched Mommyish and The Grindstone—focused on health, wellness and things of that ilk. It’s been in the Favorites folder of my Google Reader for a while now, ’cause 1) its features a lot of alternative/natural health and nutrition content, the kind of stuff that many women’s sites shy away from, and b) it’s feminist-tinged, without being an explicitly feminist site. Plus, it’s got a low-key, earnest but insouciant sort-of vibe.

Anyway, here are my first four posts:

  • The Paralysis of Analysis: Stop Overthinking … “I used to feel that the best way to go about stuff is to feel every emotion and not suppress a thing,” my friend told me. “That’s the wrong wrong way.”
  • Sunscreen Lingo Exposed: How to Decipher Sunscreen Labels … Once upon a time, sunscreen was sunscreen, and your biggest concern was higher or lower SPF. Then lo and behold ingredients in some sunscreens are found to actually accelerate the growth of skin cancer. Ingredients in others may disrupt your hormones. Should you chuck it all and reach for the baby oil? Not yet …
  • Know Your Honey … Whatever the verdict on honey and allergies, there are still plenty of ways honey can be beneficial (beyond tasting good in your tea). But not all honey is created equally!
  • I Was Orthorexic, and I Didn’t Even Know It … On my progression from the High Americana diet of my youth, to disordered eating habits, to eating for health, to focusing too much on eating for health, to … normality? Well, most days!

Written by Elizabeth

May 12, 2011 at 4:42 pm

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