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In which I pretend like this blog is a diary

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So just as I was getting back in the swing of regularly posting here, my life kind of imploded. In a mostly-good way, I mean. In the manner of—

1. I am blogging on a daily basis now at Blisstree. Go. Subscribe. Read about food, and health, and sex and honey and hippie remedies and happiness.

2. I am project managing something at work called the “Fat to Fit” weight-loss challenge, which launched last week, and has provided me with ample anxiety attacks. Go. Sign up. Lose weight and learn how to cook carrots and stuff.

3. I am maid of honor in my little sis’ wedding, which is coming up in June. This means lots of going back and forth to and fro from Ohio. For showers and bachelorette parties and other bridal-y things that I am involved in planning and executing.

4. I am in love. With a boy who lives in a different state. This means lots of visits and pining. And making plans to spend the summer together. Here in Washington, D.C.

So between those four things, you see, I’m afraid I really have little time for anything else. There are posts I’ve written for here and elsewhere that I haven’t had time to post/send. There’s a symbiotic colony of bacterial yeast sitting atop my refrigerator that I haven’t had time to turn into kombucha yet. There’s a Living Social Pilates package I purchased, and I’ve yet to attend one class. My rosemary and thyme are dying, there are books I mean to read and magazines piling up, there’s sunshine I’ve been meaning to absorb, but… time!—well, you know. It gets away from you. It laughs in your face and all sorts of other really just not-nice things. One minute you’re on a train heading to California, then you’re in Chicago hanging out in the snow and shooting a documentary and throwing arabian nights parties with your best college friends and then it’s almost June and you’re turning 29 next week, and holy crap how did that happen? Or things like that…

Time. You know. I always want more of it, but at least the share of it I do have has been quite lovely as of late.


Written by Elizabeth

May 22, 2011 at 8:46 pm

Posted in Asides, Memo

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