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Sea Past: A Summer 2011 Mix, Part I

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{I made this mix and wrote this post at the end of May and then never published it. Summer!}

Coney Island Ferris Wheel

These songs make me want to be at Coney Island, two years ago, wearing a romper and a big gold elephant charm on a chain and drinking tall cans of Coors Light, when Brooklyn was still new. Or sitting on the gravel in a Columbia Heights backyard circa 2009, wearing a sundress and grilling veggie burgers and DC all new friends and limitless possibilities. In a mini-van dipping pringles in peanut butter, smushed by blow-up rafts and hoop batons, heading from New York City to some place quieter where we cook things on fires. On my old roommate rooftop with the pool, grilling squash and making up rap songs about libertarians.

All of these places, flashes of scenes from the beginnings of summers past—those wonderful days and nights when the heat wasn’t yet too oppressive, and the whole damn season seemed exciting! and full of potential! and epic! From now on, I’m only having transcendental experiences, one could say. And really believe it.

I guess that’s where we are right now, isn’t it? The end of May/Beginning of June. That gorgeously-anxious time when the summer is a blank slate, just waiting for us to fill with camping trips and beach outings and grill-outs and new friends and love love love and late nights and pool parties and tecate, and maybe this year you won’t even get so many bug bites. Maybe.

I love this time of year. And I love soundtracking this time of year. So here’s my best attempt, guys. Part one of my (third wait, fourth annual) Summer Mixtape Trilogy (vow for this year: I will actually post all three installments; I always make three, but seems I haven’t actually posted all three since summer 2008). [Ed note: Taking  a month to post this first mix doesn’t bode well on that front…] Cheers.

Sea Past: A Summer 2011 Mix, Part I

1. Ten-Twenty-Ten // Generationals
{earlier this summer, I thought this was totally a contender for Summer Song of 2011; I have since changed my silly mind}

2. Planter’s Song // Shrimp Boat

3. Half Rat // Shannon and the Clams
{I’m really still undecided whether I like this song or find it annoying}

4. Lord Knows Best //  Dirty Beaches

5. Ring Me To Sleep // Woods

6. Who Are You // The Elected

7. Heavy Storm // First Aid Kit

8. Waiting For My Chance To Come // Noah and the Whale
{It finally ocurred to me, after being a vague, unconscious thought for months, that song sounds just like certain Tom Petty}

9. Drunk But Not With Wine // Herman Dune
{2nd favorite}

10. All the Same // Vieux Farka Touré

11. Country Song // Emmy The Great

12. Smoggy Mountain High // Key Losers

13. Phoenix Wind // Yeasayer

14. Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) // Battles

15. AwayWay // Ponytail
{see comment on song 3}

16. I Know Places // Lykke Li

17. After_Party // Midnight Televison

18. Jupiter Trine // Sun Herbcraft

19. Postcard From 1952 // Explosions In The Sky


Written by ENB

July 8, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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