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landscape // a 1.2013 mix

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landscape // a 1.2013 mix  {download}

It’s nearly March, I know. This is in no way a “1.2013” mix to anyone except me. But these are my January songs. Some older, actually — it’s been too too long since I’ve shared music with friends and Internet strangers. The Raveonette’s “Young and Cold” has been in constant rotation in my iTunes since October, when it first found its way on a mix I  never gave to you. I was just wondering what happened to them last fall, and then there they were, with songs much lovelier than the ones I remember from 2004. Speaking of that musical era: I originally had some new Benjamin Gibbard and Sufjan Stevens on this mix, but it sounded too out of place, the aesthetic juxtaposition too jarring. I’ve been listening to a lot of drone-y doo-wop these days (see: Pure Bathing Culture, Angel Olsen, Trance Farmers). The Rolling Stones cover of “Under the Boardwalk” I only recently discovered fits right in.

Other than that — well, I’ve been moving around a lot, again, lately; which means (as usual) half these songs are more or less meditations on Home. And half are just new and interesting or fun. I like Run DMT because a reviewer described them as a bath salt-snorting version of the Velvet Underground; there’s a Velvet Underground cover because my love for Lou Reed & Nico endures (thanks, Jordan). I like Parquet Courts because I think they sing about being stoned in Ridgewood, Queens (and I think we’re neighbors?). I like Hotter Than a Crotch because the lady sings hot and the drummer is a friend of my roommate’s and looks like an extra in Jesus Christ Superstar. They introduced me to Cave Cricket, in the kind of basement show space that Silent Barn used to be last time I lived here, when it was in Ridgewood (which seemed impossibly far then), but now Silent Barn is down the street and fancy and legal and at the moment dry. I read an article in the New York Times the other day, from 2010, about art & media collectives in and around this neighborhood; I looked up the ones mentioned, afterwards, and they’d all disbanded or fallen apart somehow. I don’t believe the Cobras ever finished our Goddamn Western. Time goes marching. /end digress.

I like the Liminanas because the few times I regretfully decided to drive into Manhattan (oh, a car! how it changes Brooklyn), their’s was the only CD I had and it proved eminently listenable on repeat. I missed Wooden Wand at the Midpoint music fest in Cincinnati a few months ago because my friend and I decided to walk, drinking wine, over the highway and down to the city, instead of rushing (but we caught Lower Dens and Dirty Projectors; and later that weekend I finally saw Woods, swoon). A girl just moved in upstairs from Cincinnati by way of California and, most recently, Big Sur. She worked at the Henry Miller Library there. Times goes marching but not always onward. Sometimes you can’t tell which direction it’s going.

happy new year.


“Mountain Song” // Dynasty Electric
“The Heart Needs a Home (To Break In) // Tomboyfriend
“Ivory Coast” // Pure Bathing Culture
“San Francisco” // Foxygen
“The Waiting” // Angel Olsen
“Purple Hay” // Trance Farmers
“Young and Cold” // Raveonettes
“Bad Lady Goes to Jail” // The Liminanas
“Stoned and Starving” // Parquet Courts
“Use Your Hands” // Cave Cricket
“We the Common (For Valerie Bolden)” // Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
“Butcher Song” // Hotter Than a Crotch
“Bardo States Dream Walker Version” // Run DMT
“Year of the Glad” // Marnie Stern
“Supermoon (The Sounding Line)” // Wooden Wand
“Under the Boardwalk” // The Rolling Stones
“I’ll Be Your Mirror” // Meklit Hadero
“Closer” // Tegan and Sara
“Applesauce” // Animal Collective
“Minnewaska” // Widowspeak
“How Do You Ruin Me?” // Black Prairie
“Stay In The Game” // Adam Ant


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February 20, 2013 at 9:48 pm

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Sea Past: A Summer 2011 Mix, Part I

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{I made this mix and wrote this post at the end of May and then never published it. Summer!}

Coney Island Ferris Wheel

These songs make me want to be at Coney Island, two years ago, wearing a romper and a big gold elephant charm on a chain and drinking tall cans of Coors Light, when Brooklyn was still new. Or sitting on the gravel in a Columbia Heights backyard circa 2009, wearing a sundress and grilling veggie burgers and DC all new friends and limitless possibilities. In a mini-van dipping pringles in peanut butter, smushed by blow-up rafts and hoop batons, heading from New York City to some place quieter where we cook things on fires. On my old roommate rooftop with the pool, grilling squash and making up rap songs about libertarians.

All of these places, flashes of scenes from the beginnings of summers past—those wonderful days and nights when the heat wasn’t yet too oppressive, and the whole damn season seemed exciting! and full of potential! and epic! From now on, I’m only having transcendental experiences, one could say. And really believe it.

I guess that’s where we are right now, isn’t it? The end of May/Beginning of June. That gorgeously-anxious time when the summer is a blank slate, just waiting for us to fill with camping trips and beach outings and grill-outs and new friends and love love love and late nights and pool parties and tecate, and maybe this year you won’t even get so many bug bites. Maybe.

I love this time of year. And I love soundtracking this time of year. So here’s my best attempt, guys. Part one of my (third wait, fourth annual) Summer Mixtape Trilogy (vow for this year: I will actually post all three installments; I always make three, but seems I haven’t actually posted all three since summer 2008). [Ed note: Taking  a month to post this first mix doesn’t bode well on that front…] Cheers.

Sea Past: A Summer 2011 Mix, Part I

1. Ten-Twenty-Ten // Generationals
{earlier this summer, I thought this was totally a contender for Summer Song of 2011; I have since changed my silly mind}

2. Planter’s Song // Shrimp Boat

3. Half Rat // Shannon and the Clams
{I’m really still undecided whether I like this song or find it annoying}

4. Lord Knows Best //  Dirty Beaches

5. Ring Me To Sleep // Woods

6. Who Are You // The Elected

7. Heavy Storm // First Aid Kit

8. Waiting For My Chance To Come // Noah and the Whale
{It finally ocurred to me, after being a vague, unconscious thought for months, that song sounds just like certain Tom Petty}

9. Drunk But Not With Wine // Herman Dune
{2nd favorite}

10. All the Same // Vieux Farka Touré

11. Country Song // Emmy The Great

12. Smoggy Mountain High // Key Losers

13. Phoenix Wind // Yeasayer

14. Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) // Battles

15. AwayWay // Ponytail
{see comment on song 3}

16. I Know Places // Lykke Li

17. After_Party // Midnight Televison

18. Jupiter Trine // Sun Herbcraft

19. Postcard From 1952 // Explosions In The Sky

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July 8, 2011 at 12:26 pm

pencils down/manifest: a fall mix

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With all due respect to modesty, this is probably the best fall mix I have ever made.

It is helped, I suppose, by the sheer awesomeness of so much music that is out right now—including a few new songs by a few new friends new (and, yes, an oldie or two; and, yes, a few artists included twice because I don’t know why people say you can’t do that).

And holy return of the 2004/2007 bands, right? New Sufjan, Arcade Fire, Jenny Lewis, Nelly McKay … It’s like I’m living in a basement apartment in Columbus, Ohio / a studio in upper NW DC all over again …

Anyway: It’s exciting. I like fall shoe trends right now (lace-up boots!), fall outerwear trends (capes! like snuggies as evening wear!), and I like fall music. It all must mean something.

Or perhaps not. I have a tendency to read a lot more into fall (rebirth! potential!) than most, having never outgrown that whole back-to-school excitement (a feeling, I suppose, not shared by all, but I always loved school, and summer just gets to be too much after a while, doesn’t it?). Either way—enjoy:


pencils down/manifest: a fall mix
[click that to listen to the whole thing all together]
[that note is for my sister, who can never figure out how to listen to anything I send her]


1. Now that I’m older – Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz:

2. Ghost Confessions – Cinema Red and Blue – Cinema Red and Blue:

3. Coast to Coast (remastered) – Dirty Beaches – U.S. Girls // Dirty Beaches Split 7″:

4. Tyrant Destroyed – Twin Shadow – Forget:

5. God – The Beets – God EP:

6. Kiss With a Fist – Florence & the Machine – A lot of love, a lot of blood:

7. Crash Hat – The Bonfire Band – One Man Can’t Carry Half a Piano:

8. My Pet Snakes – Jenny and Johnny – I’m Having Fun Now:

9. Late Again – Nelly McKay – Dear New Orleans:

10. This Beautiful Idea – Badly Drawn Boy – It’s What I’m Thinking: Photographing Snowflakes:

11. Commandante – The Mountain Goats – Devil in the Shortwave EP:

12. I Didn’t See It Coming – Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love:

13: [excerpt from down there] – U.S. GirlsU.S. Girls // Dirty Beaches Split 7″:

14. Sprawl (mountains beyond mountains) – Arcade Fire – The Suburbs:

15. Girls in Love – Painted Face – Undreamt EP:

16. A Crime – Sharon von Etten – Epic:

17. I’m a Pilot – Fanfarlo – Reservoir:

18. Scandal at the Parkade – Owen Pallett – A Swedish Love Story:

19. Far Out Isn’t Far Enough – Cinema Red and Blue:

20. Everything is New – Antony and the Johnsons – Swanlights:

21. All Delighted People (classic rock version) – Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People EP:

22. The Suburbs (continued) – Arcade Fire – The Suburbs:

Unicycles Summer Mix: Girls in Gingham Dresses

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Latest Unicycles mix from Jables, just in time for wherever you may be traveling and needing summer songs (or if you just need something to pep you up at your computer). Enjoy! I’ll be posting my own mid-summer mix soon …

[Stream/Download: http://goddamncobras.com/uni073/]

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June 25, 2010 at 7:49 am

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December Mix: Homeward Bound, & Everywhere

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December 21, 2009 at 10:19 am

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Emergency Stimulus Mix!

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Steel Reserve photo from Douglas Van SantI was almost done compiling my January/February mix, the songs all slow or folky or faux-nostalgic, like I like, when suddenly realized—this is not what the people need right now!

The people need music that will re-instill confidence!

Music that will create a favorable climate for productivity to thrive!

Fast-acting relief that will create more inspiration in my friends’ iPods than a lot of slow-moving government programs!

So. I rushed to put this together—I knew I could not afford inaction or delay. This is music to fill out the unemployment applications to; write cover letters to; work those long hours (because god knows those of us still with jobs can’t say no to anything our bosses ask now) to.

Music for the bus rides home from the long hours of drowning sorrows at local taverns.

Music for scheming ways to make the recession work in our favor; music for planning new entrepreneurial and creative endeavors!

The mix passed 3-0 in my shared office this morning, and a version of it is now being sent to the blogosphere for approval.



Steel Reserve photo from Douglas Van Sant

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January 30, 2009 at 2:35 pm

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My Christmas Present to the Blogosphere

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I won’t say it’s the best holiday mix ever, but it’s pretty damn good. I must tell you that the last seven songs are probably the best, but I only say that because I like nontraditional holiday songs. Not that any of this mix is particularly traditional (Lynard Skynard’s “Greensleeves,” anyone?) , but the last seven are where the mistletoe really hits the fan. Or something. So, enjoy! And Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Etc.!

A Holiday Mix

Christmas Time (Is Here Again) – The Beatles
Spotlight on Christmas – Rufus Wainwright
Six Tons of Toys – Dave Dudley
Children Go Where I Send Thee – Natalie Merchant
Christmas Tree’s on Fire – Holly Golightly
Gold Front Tooth – Dick Smith
Hip Santa – Jimmy McGriff
Put the Loot in the Boot Santa – Mae West
Oh Holy Night – Avril Lavigne and Chantal Kreviazuk
Winter Wonderland – Goldfrapp
God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman – Jethro Tull
Carol of the Bells – TransSiberian Orchestra
Greensleeves – Lynard Skynard
So This is Christmas – John Lennon
Christmas Fire – The Deer Tracks
Father Christmas – The Kinks
Chanukah’s Da Bomb – Chutzpah
Christmas is for Losers – Mike Nicolai
Merry Christmas from the Family – Robert Earle Keen
Fairytale of New York – Stars
A Christmas Duel – The Hives & Cyndi Lauper*
If We Make It Through December
– Merle Haggard
Auld Lang Syne – Martin Sexton*

[* New arrivals on the holiday music scene. Dare I say the Hives/Lauper song, released just this month, may contend with ‘Fairytale of New York’ for greatest feuding-couple holiday duet? And this version of Auld Lang Syne is just heartbreaking, in the best way possible.]

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December 24, 2008 at 6:20 pm

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