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Sarah Palin: Extreme Culture-Warrior Makeover Edition

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Wow. Via The Confabulum,  some old TV clips of Sarah Palin that present a strikingly different woman:


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October 6, 2008 at 5:16 pm

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The B.S.P. Campaign Glory Days

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And now here I was a few weeks ago, sick of the candidates’ canonization of school teachers and bus drivers, annoyed at their pandering about “our jobs going overseas.” Oh, sad, silly me—little did I know how good I had it then. Man, was I tired of the arguments over health care, the trotting out of the saddest of sad sacks—the lady who had cancer, lost her home and lived through a tsunami all while raising orphaned autistic children and still couldn’t make ends meet, or was uninsured—who were supposed to prove some kind of point about government-sponsored health care, or not having government-sponsored healthcare, or something; the tired old tropes about liberals and taxes; the blah blah blah about gas prices and energy independence and the housing crisis and The Economy. But-oh!-how I should have shuddered with joy every time I heard the word ‘economic;’ how I should have broke into spontaneous song at the very utterance of “health care” or “taxes.” Because now—oh, now, my poor doomed friends—now we are faced with something so infinitely worse, so at once maddeningly stupid and definitively evil, so (oh! How quick 2004 was erased from my memory!): The Culture Wars. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 11, 2008 at 2:54 pm

On Zebra Cones, the Palins, and Choice

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Let’s pretend you and I have serious disagreements about soft-serve ice-cream. I think zebra cones with chocolate sprinkles are the best; you insist pure chocolate with rainbow sprinkles is the only way to go. One day, we happen to find ourselves at a Creamy Whip together. True to my long-held ice-cream convictions, I order a zebra cone with chocolate sprinkles. Having witnessed this, you’d have to choice but to order the same, conceding that, yes, chocolate-sprinkled zebra-cones are the best, that, in fact, every type of soft-serve other than chocolate-sprinkled zebra-cones should be outlawed.

Wait, no? It doesn’t work that way?

Then can someone please explain to me how this argument makes any sense?*

First Sarah herself is asked, in the early stages of her pregnancy with son Trig, whether she would like to abort him because he had Downs Syndrome, and now her 17 year old daughter who could have very easily aborted her child without her mother’s permission … chooses to bring her baby to term. I’m pretty impressed. She and her family are dealing with the very real effects of choosing life, of rejecting abortion. She and her family are taking responsibility and showing the rest of the country how its done.

How problematic is it going to be for someone like Biden to hit Palin on the issue of reproductive freedom? She can just easily say, listen…”both me and my daughter have been faced with the option to abort our children rather than suffering through the undeniable harships of raising a disabled child or being teenage mom. We were both lucky enough that our family supported our choices.

I feel I am uniquely qualified to speak on the subject, Mr. Biden. After all, I made the choice myself.”

The fact that Sarah (and, putatively, Bristol) Palin hold deep-seated beliefs that abortion is wrong and thus, when faced with difficult pregnancies, decided not to abort makes them not hypocrites. It makes them morally honest and, sure, even strong, or brave. It does not, however, prove in any way that they are “right.” And it cannot really be seen as evidence that the other side is wrong. That’s just not how choice architecture works.

* Using E.M. Zanotti’s post as a stand-in for the many places I’ve seen this argument.

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September 5, 2008 at 3:11 am