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MV + Woodsist

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You are all aware how totally awesome* this is, right?

Matt Valentine What I Became LP

Matt Valentine – who’s usually putting out rambly, dreamy psych-folk ballads with his lady, Erica Elder, under the name MV & EE – is releasing a new solo LP this June on the Woodsist Records label. Woodsist is the label behind just about everything I want to listen to right now …Geez.

Preview songs up at Altered Zones and Stereogum.


* I say/write ‘awesome’ too much; need a new superlative. ‘Great’ just doesn’t cut it though, you know? And ‘rad’ sounds forced. ‘Fabulous’ is too theater-major, ‘lovely’ I reserve for a different kind of appreciation, I’m not from the right coast to use ‘wicked,’ ‘sweet’ reminds me too much of college stoner friends … Suggestions?


Written by Elizabeth

May 6, 2011 at 11:07 am